Arabic Rappelz New Epic

Game Power 7, the leading Arab company in publishing and localizing online video and mobile games, launched last Tuesday the new epic of Arabic Rappelz after performing several tests during the past few months.

Epic 9.4 has been released in a time when Arabic Rappelz is considered one of the most popular games in MENA. The Arab team worked carefully on the finest details to provide players with a complete experience to reach a world-class position, starting from professional localization stages to creating a unique Arab virtual community.

The 14th epic was named after a legendary island "Arcadia", in which players face extraordinary challenges with different difficulty levels to defeat powerful monsters and furious bosses.

The variety in the game's new items is what distinguishes this Epic. Players can now choose the best equipment that will help them eliminate all monsters with the least possible damage, in addition to new areas and Non-Player Characters of different roles that add more entertainment to the game's atmosphere.

Since its release in 2008, Arabic Rappelz attracted a huge number of Arab players from all around the world due to its content that suits Arab culture and traditions. This is considered as one of the game's success secrets for the past eight years, besides the several additions it has obtained in a series of different versions.

The game's graphics are now more realistic than ever before, as a result of improvements and enhancements which were applied in cooperation with the international online games company Gala Lab.

Gala Lab is one of the international partners that Game Power 7 worked with during its career, in addition to a number of leading Arab companies offering to the players of Game Power 7 a wide range of options.

Game Power 7 pays special attention to the localization process since it is the pioneer in this field. Players will notice that through the linguistic texts, the names of characters and maps, and the perfect dialogues.

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