Arabic Rappelz Fights Starvation

It’s a tall order to help alleviate the world of starvation. This is especially considering that most developed countries are too selfish, lazy and greedy to assuage the problem for good. Nevertheless, Game Power 7 is using the leverage of Arabic Rappelz to promote World Food Day in order to help those less fortunate around the world.

Arabic Rappelz, an Online MMO Game published by Game Power 7, is holding a 1 week World Food Day event in a bid to encourage its cyber citizens to help the poor and fight hunger in their societies.
Throughout this event period, promotional messages are announced to the players, and special virtual gifts are given away to players on the occasion.

In case you’re wondering why a game company such as Game Power 7 is helping induce moralistic values through an MMORPG, it’s because the company represents an ideology about raising awareness for human values and cultural respect. Even though that supposed to be the job of every parent for every child, it appears that a video game company has to do that job for them.

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