Arabic Rappelz League

Crowned by the huge success and with high demand, Arabic Rappelz League started its 3rd month with competitive battalions and players. The series of important matches which considered as the most exciting in MMO games gathered Arabs players all around the globe. Meanwhile, the significant Number of players was split over two official Aarghuth and Dragon Servers. 

     The main goal of participants is to achieve the largest possible number of points during the competition. At the time that winner will obtain 3 points, and tied battalions will get one point for each. Battalion's chief commander or one of his two deputies will nominate Names of fighting knights by whispering directly to the Game Master (GM). The absence of those leaders will return back to all battalions with loses.

     The game team handles weekly harvest of this challenging competition via news Published on game's forum. The up to date ranking process helps battalions to draw specific plans depending on the total counting of points which collected by other players, levels, and achievements. Meanwhile, players all over the world have the privilege of watching all confrontations directly through a broadcasting link with live commentary of Game Master (GM). This voice over feature adds special flavor and uniqueness to Arabic's league. 

 Arabic Rappelz was ranked as 1st Arab massively multiplayer online game (MMO) it was published in 2008 by Game Power7 Co. The game is quickly distinguished by high graphics and sound effects rather than wild online community. 

Game Power 7 Company is considered as the first developer and publisher of mobile and online games in the MENA region.


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