Arabic Rappelz Making History

It takes a lot of gumption and intestinal fortitude to brave the Middle-East and North African territories to bring gamers something new and original. Well, Game Power 7 is doing just that with Arabic Rappelz. It’s going to be the very first commercial MMOG offered in the fore-mentioned territories.

According to the press release, “Game Power 7, Dubai-based online games publisher, promised gamers in the Middle East and North Africa to bring them the best Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). Moreover, the games would be completely translated, culturalized, serviced and operated within the region.”

Bravo to Game Power 7 for taking a risk in a practically untapped region for MMO gaming. I imagine soon after Arabic Rappelz starts pulling in some good numbers, SOE, Joymax, gPotato and the like will follow suit in offering games in regions most likely classified as non-gaming territories.

The game, Arabic Rappelz, is expected to go public and live on March 16th.

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