Arabic Rappelz

It's a sad day when an MMORPG manages to incorporate world knowledge into the game and imbue players with educational empowerment and the satisfaction of gaming. Yet Game Power 7 is currently using the leverage of Arabic Rappelz, the very first MMO for the Middle-East and North African territories, to propel Middle-Eastern and world culture forward in the realm of gaming, while at the same time rewarding gamers for their efforts of retaining said knowledge.

The company has signed an agreement with the famous newspaper, Hamaleel, and according to the press release, "The first action in this agreement comes as Arabic Rappelz is celebrating the World Book and Copyright Day on April 23rd, 2009." It goes on to say: "Hamaleel is sponsoring a 3-days competition where players are asked to answer questions related to World and Arabic literature and culture with virtual and real-world gifts"

So gamers in those territories get to experience some good times with Arabic Rappelz, while gaining insight into Arabic literature and world culture among the internet community in the Middle-East.

I definitely tip my hat off to Game Power 7 for taking some brazen and complimentary steps in the gaming market to broaden the appeal of video games using education and literature. This rings with special importance given that the territories in which this exercise is being employed are not well known for MMO gaming (i.e., North Africa and the Middle East).

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