Dubai, UAE, March, 2022:  Game Power 7, the leading company in the field of localizing and publishing video games, recently released a new casual game, named Warriors’ Line-UP.

The game has many levels, from beginner to master, depending on the player’s own level in the game, in addition to the number of heroes he owns. After winning a specific number of battles, the player faces a master who they need to defeat, and add to their formation.

Players could also use boosters, and know the strong points of their team members, to increase their chances of winning, and expanding their formations.

Game Power 7 decided to release Warriors’ Line-Up, after the success that was recorded by “Sultans’ Mines, the company’s first casual game.

It is also part of the brand’s strategy, to expand its portfolio of localized games, and to make it diversified.

The company, headquartered in Dubai, revealed having plans for expanding the presence, and the popularity of casual games in the region, as this type of game is witnessing an increase in the number of players globally.

Casual games are simple, small in size, games, which suit almost all types of devices, and could be played easily, with no need for extra efforts, the thing that makes this type a perfect for spending fun and relaxing time.

Game Power 7, was established in 2008, as the first Arab company, that specialized in localizing and publishing video games. The company started its journey with “Rappelz”, an MMORPG PC game, that was a place for the biggest Arab gamers community ever, gathering 1 million gamers.