Sultan Mines

Dubai, UAE, December 27, 2021: Game Power 7, the leading company in the field of localizing and publishing online games, has recently announced the release of “Sultan Mines”, the first casual game to be localized by the company since its establishment.

The game has remarkably reached over 100K downloads over Google Play and Apple Store only a couple of hours after the official announcement.

“Sultan Mines” is a casual Idle game, that suits all types of smart devices, thanks to its small size. The game is also a Tycoon game, that represents a full economic system, based on mining.

The game has various types of characters, in different styles, representing a variety of ancient civilizations. The construction of mines also differs based on their geographical location of them.

Once the players are registered in the game, they find themselves inside a very wide world, where they can start mining to increase the amount of money and gold they have, and progress to the next phase. Players can also use different types of boosters to stimulate characters.

Game Power 7 has also explained that releasing “Sultan Mines” is considered the first step into the Casual Games’ world. The company has also declared that localizing casual games comes as a response to the demand of gamers, who are looking for entertainment into easy, effortless games.

The company which is headquartered in Dubai has been lately working on a new localization strategy, that aims to provide the MENA market with games from different types, that suit all age groups.