Dubai, UAE, August 26, 2020: Game Power 7, the leading publisher and developer of online PC and mobile games in MENA, has announced recently the launch of a new epic from its anime PC game “Arafiesta” under the name of “Age of Frost”. The new epic includes new missions, levels, and maps to inspire and entertain all Arab gamers.

New inspiring features integrated into “Age of Frost” for the first time including more than 10 new maps. All gamers have the opportunity to enjoy and live their passion through a diversity of worlds in these maps. 

Additional new missions were designed to provide higher and different difficulties taking the PC game to a new level. Beside this, more than 10 levels were added to the game providing new encounters igniting a challenge spirit among gamers.

Game Power 7 has cooperated with an international developer to work and design this new epic. Which stayed under experiment for a while, before launching it in the best version. “Age of Frost” encourages all Arab players to try new experiences in a way that allows them to compete and fight through various confrontations.  

Arafiesta is an anime MMORPG game that offers a massive and colorful world full of adventures and entertainment in a unique free-to-play team-based experience. The game contains multiple classes and various characters each presenting the player with new challenges, creating a very interesting and action-packed play style.

The game is available for direct download. Players can now try the new epic of Arafiesta “Age of Frost” and engage with it in an exciting way.

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