Dubai, UAE, March 20, 2020: Game Power 7, the specialized Arab company in localizing and publishing online games, has recently released a new mobile card game under the name "Cardia" on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Gamers in MENA will be able to challenge others from different countries around the world in a new experience that “Cardia” promises to present.

The game gives the players a diverse collection of monsters and weapon cards that they can use along with strategic planning to win challenges.

“Cardia” was tested by Arab gamers during an “OBT” stage, in which players were asked to provide the company with their observations to enhance the playing experience before the official release of the game.

Providing international game developers with new channels to cross over into the MENA markets has been the goal for Game Power 7 throughout its now almost 13 years of existence in the industry. Presenting fully localized content that suits different age groups and gamers’ tastes.

Recent studies, such as the one published by shows that 21 to 25 percent of downloaded apps from both Google Play Store and App Store are games. While another research published on IGN Middle East claims that the MENA region has had around 282.9m smartphone gamers in 2019 and that the region’s mobile games revenue is expected to reach $3.78 billion by 2022.

“Cardia” is the first game to be published by Game Power 7 in 2020. The company had released its previous game “NitroZ” in August 2019.

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