Panzar is the first Arab online game powered by CryEngine3. It is considered to be a revolutionary experience in the field of Arab electronic games. The player enjoys the distinctive features of the game ranging from Arabic words and sounds to captivating 3D graphics.

Panzar is distinguished by having five different playing modes, the player performs several tasks, and cooperates with the team to gain points and achieve victory.

Panzar represents the perfect experience for every person who is looking for a game that is full of details. It is the best choice for those who are interested in massive maps and various gaming environments. Players who want to enter a fictional world where they have to attack at the appropriate time in order to survive, and to dodge in order to avoid the opponents’ attacks, will definitely enjoy Panzar.


Main Features :

  •  8 various specialties (attacking, defense, assistance and others)
  •  More than 15 maps of fascinating fictional locations.
  •  6 marvelous modes consisting of unique missions and requiring different fighting techniques.
  •  Periodical updates, diverse tournaments and profitable rewards.
  •  Amazing sound effects and captivating artistic graphics.