Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 16, 2019

The leading Arab company in localizing and publishing MMORPG “Game Power 7” has recently published a new version of the Arabic mobile game “Masters of East” entitled “Journey”.

The company, which is located in Dubai, has cooperated with a foreign developer in order to update the current version by designing new heroes and providing additional skills in a way to promote entertainment and eagerness in addition to increase the brutality of battles.

One of the noticeable additions is the journey in which players participate a hundred battle ranging in difficulty, and thus raising enthusiasm to its peak when successfully reaching the last clash.

This version is powered by “Land of Masters” system where all players join a fight characterized by the same conditions and armies. Strategic planning would have a word here, because this version provides a changing feature on a daily basis besides another feature that gives one or two random characteristics to the weapons used.

The “Arena” system has been modified to offer an atmosphere of competition and excitement. Features varied in relation to four points. These are the period allocated for the season becoming merely seven days, the selection of one’s opponents, the new strategies to improve skills and the increase in the number of formulas. Other additions were related to rewarding players back with prizes or numerical scores. Furthermore, players now are able to strengthen their champions, and intensify their numbers.

For whom who loves rivalry, this version proposes an opportunity to save video recordings of their victorious fights in order to share them with other players. This enables them to challenge each other and show-off their armies and soldiers.  Moreover, they can watch others’ videos and gain a prize if the player voted for his favorite video.


What do you know about the game?

Masters of East is an epical mobile game. The story states the conflicts took place in the Chinese Empire and led to its division into three kingdoms. Herein, the player’s mission begins with combating evils as an attempt to spread peace and unite the country once again.

Players can choose between different characters that resemble a Chinese warrior before going through war with the other kingdoms, wherein they have to smartly set plans and select their army members.

It is worth mentioning that Game Power 7 has lately launched a new game named NitroZ, which is the first racing game to be localized and published by Game Power 7.

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