Masters of East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26 Dec. 2018: Game Power 7, the specialized company in publishing and developing online games, has recently celebrated the first anniversary of releasing its epic strategy mobile game “Masters of East”.

The Arab company stated that the players’ number has exceeded the expectations, as the download number on Google Play and App Store reached more than 1 million downloads, during a short period of time. The game has become a phenomenon as soon as it was released at the end of last year, due to the fact that it tells the interesting story of the three ancient Chinese kingdoms and the conflicts that occurred between them hundreds of years ago.

Celebrating the occasion, the team awarded the players with special prizes and announced their plans of organizing a series of new events and competitions in the next few months. “Masters of East” has generated a highly intense competition among its players within one year through a series of challenging contests and events, such as the National War, Cross-Server Arena Competition, Fusion and the Yellow Turban Invasion, this has urged the management team to reconsider the current system, and to plan for new events that suit the professional players better.

Amjad Arab, the project manager of “Masters of East” game, has clarified that the drastic increase of the players’ number created a necessity to add more servers to the game, saying: “We were surprised by the huge number of players we reached after only a few weeks of the release date, we haven’t expected this rapid popularity to be achieved with our modest marketing efforts. The team is very thrilled to witness such a great demand on “Masters of East” by Arab players, and this has created a new challenge for us, as we started to expand some servers and add others, and we made sure that the game is providing a fair competitive environment that meets our players’ expectations.”

“Masters of East” includes more than 550 characters “heroes” that differ in their overall appearance and folkloric outfits, and they appear in the game successively as the player progresses in levels. In addition, players could enhance the performance of the heroes by upgrading them in order to achieve victory.

Masters of East is considered to be the first Arab electronic game that embodies one of the most wonderful Chinese epics, which attracted the Arab youth when it was presented for the first time in the 90’s as movies and T.V series, such as “Clash of Titans”. Today, “Masters of East” continues to tell the story of the conflicts which occurred in that chaotic era after the downfall of Han dynasty.

It is worth mentioning that “Masters of East” is a totally Arab game, published by “Game Power 7” company last December. The Arab company has about 6 mobile and PC games in its record, and it intends to expand this record in the coming year.

Masters of East is now available for free download on App Store and Google Play.

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