Game Power 7 & Start-Up Weekend Damascus

Game Power 7 has announced in cooperation with "Start-Up Weekend Damascus" launching a program for supporting the leading youth's projects in the second day of "Start-Up Weekend Damascus" event along with the presence of departments heads and project managers in the company, and a group of young entrepreneurs participating in the event.

 "International Startup Weekend" event is training days for youth who want to launch their own projects. It ends by introducing the projects' ideas to compete for the first place and get the appropriate support to launch their projects. Ahmed Biram, the event organizer, has announced before about a vague surprise which didn't become clear until Game Power 7 promised to support leading projects within its development center in the city of Damascus, According to a program called "Game Power 7 Success Ambassadors" 


On this occasion, Eiad Ismail, the Quality Assurance manager, has explained the purpose of "Game power 7 Success Ambassadors" in providing serious and direct support for the youth who want to create new projects and present innovating ideas through full care starting with customizing suitable desks then supporting the project by consultants of management science, marketing, sales, distribution and electronic information systems to build up an integrated marketing strategy.

Ismail also explained about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company saying: "Our ranking, as the first Arabic company in online games, provides us many distinct opportunities to make a positive and purposeful change in the community development field. The company has already begun studying all the 19 projects to select the best ones for the next stage".

   On the last day of "Start-Up Weekend" event, Game Power 7 presented a number of motivating awards by a lot included all the participants. The Quality Assurance manager said: "our great pride of these youth's attempts in challenging obstacles urged us to offer awards such as advanced tablets in order to encourage them.

   Game Power 7 has a set of social responsibility programs where the company implements free training courses to qualify young people before they enter the labor market, a program to protect the environment by supporting paper recycling and organic waste then converting them into the soil, and another for the dissemination and promotion of organic planting. All with the aim of providing support to the Syrian society.

Dubai  2-25-2014