Social Responsibilty

Game power7 works to corporate social responsibility towards local communities, our vision stands out among other profit-based companies, by enriching the moral legacy of the Arabic civilization. The company adopts an unconventional social responsibility that goes beyond charity work, volunteer work or donations to social and economic development, which is the basis of all heavenly laws.Game power7 dedicates its economic activities to serve the Arab youth and Arab community; the core of the company’s programs is social responsibility to help build a better society and develop its resources. The company has no intention of gaining any material profit or responding to a certain situation by doing so.

Success Ambassadors Program

The program intends to provide support to young entrepreneurs with creative ideas or unique projects to encourage them to work despite the increase of unemployment rates. The program provides full support to young business projects from A to Z, including courses on management, marketing, sales, distribution, IT and even a special budget designed to give the project a successful head start. The program duration is up to five years.

Youth Training Program

The program is aimed to support new graduates who want to get in the business world; all participants undergo a free extensive one-week course. It ends with an exam to test everything the candidate has learned during the course.

The courses include management, marketing, sales, distribution, and online entertainment.

Moral Content Program

The company has a specialized department in publishing and developing moral content, designed to promote healthy social behavior and good manners, as well as linking Arab youth to their history and cultural legacy.

The department holds over 60 events all year round through games and social media; events include national days or world occasions such as world First Aid day, World Book and Copyright Day, Human Rights day and many more. These events help treat many misbehaviors that players may do, all while promoting a sense of national belonging and humanism to Arab youth.

Game Power7 Academy

Game Power7 realizes the importance of training and expanding the employees’ knowledge, considering the upgrading of all employees’ skills as a major goal.This initiative was launched to build an advanced organization with a variety of fields, and with appreciation to the employee’s daily efforts.The Academy presents a modern learning program in English that ends with a training certificate along with the number of training hours.

The training is reflected on the employees’ position within the company or when moving to work in other companies.