Arabic Rappelz is the first free MMO in the MENA region, the game is very popular with all age groups and it combines simplicity with elegance, between the astounding graphics and the wide range of maps, the player’s only true limit is himself.


As long as you keep playing and progressing, you will be one of the most respected and loved players, the friendly community is right there to help you in whatever you need. You can go dungeon exploring with a friend or train your pet to do your bidding.

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  • Arabic Rappelz - rhythm of victory
  • Arabic Rappelz - a World full of adventures.
  • Arabic Rappelz - Underground 8.2
  • Arabic Rappelz - linking fantasy with reality
  • Arabic Rappelz - The mystery.

You can select one of the three races in the game, (Deva, Gaia or Asura)

When you play Deva, you are a powerful defender, able to use elemental skills and protect your allies

If you choose Gaia, you will be a strong fighter, skilled at weapon mastery. You can destroy your foes with great power

And if you choose to start as one of the Asura, then you have the chance to become a powerful wizard, master at magic and a dominating force to reckoned with