Game Power 7 was able to establish a famous brand encouraged by the support of many international developers name and form strong relations with many international game developers, to publish high-quality products that meets the clients' expectations. We are proud to have successful working ties with professional developers all around the world.

Game Power 7 strengthened its commercial relations with international partners and a large number of distributors to ensure that its services cover the whole world.

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Filspay, online payments, charge GP7 Points

FilsPay is a Payment Service Provider specialising in internet payments. the head office is based in Malaysia; the company formed strategic alliances with partners in the Malaysia,Oman,Eygpt,Iraq,Jordan,UAE,Saudi. FilsPay offers a wide range of payment methods to different industries  active on the web. See More


Flosna is the first electronic payment gateway in Palestine founded in 2014. Flosna aims to provide easy and safe environment that enables users to access many of the online services network. Flosna account is an electronic wallet enables you to send and receive online payments and buy a lot of products and services easily securely.

Flosna aims at upgrading internet services in Palestine and the Middle East as well as providing the best electronic payment Solutions for both Merchants and Site owners on internet

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