GamePower7 is proud to have successful working ties with professional Developers all around the world. The huge international partners database we got, along with deep experiences regarding localization and culturalization emphasize our leadership role over MENA region.

Whatever the game type is; MMORPG, FPS, or a browser type, we aim to Promote the most flexible and easygoing products. We would like to invite you to meet our global partners by clicking on their website links below.

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Founded in Amman, Jordan in 2010, Gate2Play is the Middle East’s only one-stop shop service for online merchants. Gate2Play's unique services were specially designed to overcome all the challenges faced by online merchants seeking to provide their goods and services to the larger MENA region, providing a secure and feature rich service, especially designed for the online trader.

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ون كارد,شحن رصيد,جيم باور سيفين,قيم بور سفن.

Onecard, was founded in 2004 in Saudi Arabia. The company provides a unique approach for online Payments and services. Users of Middle East especially Arabs, will find onecard platform an easy, safe, simple, and reliable regarding Online payments. The company works with supporting and developing of net Ventures (N2V)

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Filspay, online payments, charge GP7 Points

FilsPay is a Payment Service Provider specialising in internet payments. the head office is based in Malaysia; the company formed strategic alliances with partners in the Malaysia,Oman,Eygpt,Iraq,Jordan,UAE,Saudi. FilsPay offers a wide range of payment methods to different industries  active on the web. See More


Flosna is the first electronic payment gateway in Palestine founded in 2014. Flosna aims to provide easy and safe environment that enables users to access many of the online services network. Flosna account is an electronic wallet enables you to send and receive online payments and buy a lot of products and services easily securely.

Flosna aims at upgrading internet services in Palestine and the Middle East as well as providing the best electronic payment Solutions for both Merchants and Site owners on internet

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