Game Power 7 was able to establish a famous brand encouraged by the support of many international developers name and form strong relations with many international game developers, to publish high-quality products that meets the clients' expectations. We are proud to have successful working ties with professional developers all around the world.

Game Power 7 strengthened its commercial relations with international partners and a large number of distributors to ensure that its services cover the whole world.

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Unlimited Games Forums

Unlimited Games Forums was founded in 2013 by a group of players interested in games and developing it .

The main purpose to create the forum was to bring players from all over the Arab world under one place .

Where the first start of the forums witnessed a large crowd of Arab players and developers as well as the translators of the Games World and Arab as well .

The forum gathered more than 30 thousand Arab players, all of them interested in the World Games and Arabization, including those interested in the development and programming in various fields .

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Panzar Studio

Panzar Studio is a game development studio based in Moscow, Russia. It established in 2008 with a long experience in designing and video production.

In 2013, Panzar Studio successfully launched its first project holding the same company's name "Panzar" which was considered the first Studio's steps in developing and publishing video games.

Panzar game has made a success by presenting a revolutionary experience among third-person shooter game using CryEngine3, which has assisted in providing great visual details, along with a well-written quest-based story and a unique gameplay.

In 2017, Game Power 7 took the rights of publishing Panzar in MENA region and starts working on localization it before released it officially in February 2018.

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Level 5

As one of Japan's leading video game developers, Level-5 was founded in 1998 and has presented a number of world-class games during the two past decades.

In 2017, Game Power 7 collaborated with Level 5 to localize the Arabic version of Yo-kai Watch  mobile gameinspired by the famous anime movie with the same title.

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Acquire corporation is a video game developer, founded in Tokyo, Japan 1994, as a part of GungHo Online Entertainment Group. The company has worked on more than 13 games and was famous for developing the Way of the Samurai and Tenchu series.

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Gala Lab, online gaming, Gala Lab company. rapplez
Gala Lab

The company is one of the most important and professional South Korean developers. Gala lab was founded in 2002, and presented a lot of successful games; Rappelz the online game was spread all over the world and played in 12 universal languages included Arabic.

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Galaxy Gate

The company was established in South Korea 1999 as a technology firm, soon Galaxy Gate presented a wide range of games and related services all over the past years.

In 2007, the company was selected by the ministry of Commerce, Industry, and energy as outstanding company. The grand prize on best featured Project category was awarded in 2008, issued by Ministry of culture, Sport and Tourism.