NitroZ “Break Speed Limits” The First Car Drifting Game to be Localized and Published by Game Power 7


Dubai, UAE, 26August, 2019:

Game Power 7, the leading Arab company in localizing and publishing online games, has recently released NitroZ, A multiplayer car racing game with an anime theme. As the first drifting game to be localized and published by the Arab company.

The game has unique characters and well-designed graphics, on which the company modified in order to insure its suitability to the Arabic culture. In addition to a large number of cars from different brands with attractive designs and charming colors.

NitroZ offers its players many options and features. They can choose an avatar, as well as a racing car model among a wide collection of cars and characters classified into four levels.

The game also includes a great number of maps, divided into three levels, so the player chooses their favorite map and starts the competition.

Races within the game can be played in group or individually, and they can also be played in two modes. Winning in the first mode demands using a bunch of tools in order to delay their opponents. While winning the second mode depends on speed and number of drifts made by the player.

NitroZ gives the players the choice to enter a team race by submitting a join request to an existing group, or by forming a new team of players and get gifts and prizes for all team members. And for the binary gaming lovers, the possibility to choose a certain player and establish a partnership with them is available.

As usual, Game Power 7 provided the opportunity to Arab players to experiment the game in CBT and OBT phases, and received enthusiasm by players, for being the first car racing game to be published by Game Power 7 since its establishment in 2007.

It is worth mentioning that NitroZ is the fourth mobile game released by Game Power 7 after Flyon, Masters of east, and Damar Online, to become one of the anime games presented by Game Power 7 to the Arab players.