Game Power 7 Announces The Winner of the Third Rappelz Masters championship


Game Power 7, the specialized company in the field of publishing and developing electronic games, has recently announced the player “Milan” as the winner of the third Arabic Rappelz Masters championship, after defeating his competitor “Italy”.

This legendary victory comes after a series of decisive combats, over 3 weeks. Milan was awarded 5000$, in addition to a permanent special title in the game and a trophy that the company gives to the title holder each year.

In a special statement for Eurosport Arabia, Milan described his first experience in Arabic Rappelz Masters Championship, saying:” It wasn’t easy at all, I had a lot of practicing before starting every battle. I have taken into consideration that winning and losing are both possible results, and I have witnessed the defeat of challenging competitors in early stages. However, my persistence and self-confidence have urged me to keep going, especially when I realized that I am highly qualified.”

The championship has witnessed the appearance of new champions, which reflects the performance development of some players, amid the absence of other players or a decrease in their performance, which made it difficult to predict the winner. The competition was very intense, thus the players ought to generate different fighting tactics, to keep advancing in the championship.

Arabic Rappelz Masters usually gathers Arab players from all over the world in one virtual arena, where professional players could show off their fighting skills. This year’s edition is more special that the previous two, and the competitive spirit among players hit the highest level, as a result of the players’ number increase after merging two servers into one.

The battles of the championship have had a huge number of views, compared to the previous edition. As the final battle has scored the highest views among players, while each of the semi-final battles had varied view rates, similarly to the previous editions. Players are interested in watching the battles as they might discover new fighting techniques to develop their own styles, and they always look forward to the final battle to know how accurate their predictions were.

According to the latest statistics published on Statista, the number of YouTube live stream videos viewers has reached 143 million viewers in 2017, and is expected to hit 250 million in 2021.

It is worth to mention that Arabic Arabic Rappelz Masters championship came in conjunction with the activities of GP7 Carnival which ended on 28 August. The carnival presented a group of contests and exclusive offers, which is considered to a great opportunity that the players may take to develop their performance and increase their skills quickly.

In addition, Arabic Arabic Rappelz game had a new epic about a month ago called “The Maze 2”, which is considered as a continuation for the first epic, it brings several features and updates that satisfies the players’ different tastes and fulfills their desires. This new epic comes after taking the decision of merging two servers, by votes of the players, which guarantees getting the highest levels of fun and entertainment in the game.

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