Arab E-Games Market Revives – Now with Statistical Proof!


Dubai, UAE, April 29th, 2018: Game Power 7 – the leading Arab company in publishing and developing online games - revealed at DGC exhibition in Dubai, that the number of players of its mobile games exceeded 300.000 Arab players, and that is since the end of last year –when the company first entered the mobile games market- until April this year.

The success of Masters of the East, which was released last December, has brought Game Power 7, which was founded in 2007 as the first company to develop and publish online games in MENA, to a large audience of Arab players, where the number of registered in this game has reached up to hundreds of thousands during a short period of time.

The Dubai-based Arab company clarified that the number of players had been a surprise and exceeded four times the expected rate, indicating that the growth of the mobile gaming market is accelerating in parallel with the increase in the use of smartphones in different countries, and which also contributed to increasing the proportion of spending on Video games.

A report published by “Sensor Tower” website shows that the users of smartphones have spent about 58.6 billion dollars on Android and IOS applications in 2017, 48 billion dollars out of the full amount was spent on mobile games. These numbers indicate a 30% growth compared to the statistics of 2016, while Apple store takes the biggest portion of the market with 30 billion dollars incomes, taking the lead from Android whose incomes are reaching only 18 billion dollars.

On the sidelines of the DGC, held in Dubai, Ibrahim Syoufi - the Business Development Advisor at Game Power 7 assured that the Arab market is characterized by being open to foreign companies, saying that; "We have noticed the increasing interest of foreign companies in investing in the Arab market recently, after the risk was reduced to a minimum due to the presence of local development companies which have the wealth knowledge of the market needs, and help foreign developers to break the language barrier, the barrier which has been keeping them away from the Arab market for too long".

Syoufi mentioned that the Arab companies were able to gain the Arab players’ trust by providing several elements, he added: “the Arab technical support along with the localization have urged the players to take the direction towards Arab games after realizing that these games support their culture and speak their language. We have noticed this in the Arab version of Panzar PC game, which gathered more than 12.000 gamers since launching it in January. The game was originally developed by a Russian studio, and the original version has already made a tremendous success, which was also found in the Arabic version among Arab countries".

The latest report by the Super Data Group confirmed that the players’ spending rates on PC games have been doubled during the last five years to reach 22 billion U.S dollars. Analysts expect the incomes of mobile games to reach 60 billion U.S dollars at the end of 2018, and these incomes are most likely to reach 95 billion U.S dollars in 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the video gaming market incomes have surpassed those of the box offices. As the incomes of the first are six times more than the incomes of the latter. Furthermore, the spending rate on online games reached 38.6 billion U.S dollars in 2016, according to a study made by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).