Flyon.. A New Arabic Mobile Game With Anime Style


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 3 April 2018: Game Power 7, the company that specializes in developing and publishing massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), launched recently the Arabic mobile game "Flyon." A few days after launching the huge PC game “Panzar.”

Since its official free-to-download launching in the middle of last March, Flyon has witnessed a remarkable turnout. In less than two weeks, the game was downloaded more than 10.000 times via Google Play and App Store platforms.

Flyon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Where a new experience in a wide fictional world is ready to be explored. Players start by choosing among three characters that differ in their features and overall appearance. Then, they discover the most adventurous places as their main goal is to defeat every monster and opponent.

As the name indicates, you will fly on for hours. Flying is one of the most prominent features in this game, Just like fictional movies, players can fly above clouds using a magic broomstick. This helps in discovering remote areas fast, engaging in aerial combat, or even fleeing from monsters during the heat of the battle.

A second option to navigate, players can use their companions as a transportation vehicle or take advantage of their power in order to defeat monsters and eliminate the leaders. However, players still have to check of the strength of their tools, think of the best fighting tactics, and look for the perfect timing to start the battle.

Assistants are everywhere in the game, they give players tasks varies in difficulty. Some tasks require defeating several monsters, which adds experience skills and help to earn more point as well as gold to reach more levels fast.

With 700 levels sorted by ascending difficulty, comes a variable number of tasks involved in each level. Players always seek for new playing techniques; they form alliances with their friends to make rapid progress within the game and maximize fun.

Guild war is another kind of exciting battle in Flyon. Players can create or join a guild to fight another one. Guild members coordinate at the planning office, which allows players to recognize all details of their guild.

Flyon is the third Arabic mobile game published by Game Power 7, and takes place in conjunction with the 11th anniversary of the company as the first leading one for publishing and developing online games in MENA region.