Masters of East

Masters of East is an Arabic strategic mobile game based on a famous story of the ancient Chinese Empire. The events take place during the very problematic period of the three kingdoms which was filled with conflicts and wars.  Players' mission is to defend the land and fight forces of evil in order to achieve peace and unite the country.

Each player chooses one of 6 Chinese fighters before starting the journey of a 24-chapter story. Each chapter is full of details and consists of 12 battles. A player needs to set strategic plans and build a strong army to win the battles and move on to the next chapter.

The game has more than 450 fighting characters which players obtain as playing cards. They vary in 5 levels of power; black, blue, silver, gold and crystal. Each player can choose only 5 cards to build his/her army before starting to attack enemies.

Winning battles in Masters of East depends mainly on careful planning and intelligent choices. Gifts are regularly distributed to help players and encourage them to move forward in their quest for peace.

Write your victory story now, and invite your friends to win amazing prizes that strengthen your army and enhance your performance.