Damar Online

Damar Online, is an Arabic free mobile game, which is developed and published by Game Power 7, the leading Arab video game company in MENA. It is a strategy online game full of never-ending experiences.

In Damar Online, your mission is to build your fort then develop it and finally protect it from any anticipated attacks. There are 10 various magical creatures and warriors who are different in their power and skills. Some of them will help you in constructions while the others will take a part in attacking the enemies as well as defending your fort from theirs anticipated attacks.

But what is more, you can enjoy the game to the max through 4 amazing features which are; friendship system, building development system, soldier’s development system,which is an opportunity for you to grow your resources and use them in strengthen your defenses.

Damar Online is available now on Google play! Download it on your device and start discovering a world full of joy and excitement.