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Online game, online games,Rappelz,Arabic rappelz,free-to-play,MMORPG,play,games,game,gamepower7,game power7 It takes a lot of gumption and intestinal fortitude to brave the Middle-East and North African territories to bring gamers something... more
 Rappelz, Arabic Rappelz, MMO, Arab, Players It’s a tall order to help alleviate the world of starvation. This is especially considering that most developed countries are too sel... more
Fadi Mujahid, Game Power7, gamepower 7 Bold statements from Game Power 7’s General Manager, Mr. Fadi Mujahid. The headline is part of a speech Mujahid gave at this year’s “... more
Online games, games company, Arabic Online Games, MMORPG, GamePower7, Game Power7, Arabic Games The Middle East has one of the fastest growing online gaming communities. About 60 percent of the 350 million people in the Arab worl... more
Arabic allods,MMORPG,MMO,play online games,allods arabic,download game  Before I start the review, let me clarify two things. First, this is a free to play game, and second, it is an Arabic game. Sure it m... more