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Masters, Rappelz, Arabic Rappelz, MMO, Arab, Players, Saudi  Achieving such a great victory was not easy for Saudi Arabia amid the big competition that took place during the summer holiday. Hun... more
Source: Yahoo finance news                         Game Power 7 was recently recognised with the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Visiona... more
arafiesta online ,MMORPG, game , online game Game power 7 the leading publisher and developer of online and mobile games in the MENA region- has released the official stage of it... more
Game power 7 -the leading publisher and developer for online games in the MENA region- has released the OBT phase of its latest anime... more
Game Power7, GP7, gamepower7,game power7 Fadi Mujahid "the online gaming industry in the middle east will witness a huge leap forward" Game power 7 recently celebrated its... more
Game power 7, the leading company in online gaming has recently put the final touches on the closed beta phase (CBT) for its latest g... more
Arabic Rappelz, MMO, MMORPG Crowned by the huge success and with high demand, Arabic Rappelz league started its 3rd month with competitive battalions and players... more
Adrenaline, FPS, Game, Arab, Shooting, Arabicplayer Game Power7,the leading Arabic publisher of mobile and free-to-play online games announced yesterday  the commercial launch of its ne... more
Entrepreneurs,GamePower7,Game Power7, Startup weekend  damascus,startup weekend syria ,  ,        Game Power 7 has announced in cooperation  with “Start Up Weekend Damascus” launching a program for supporting the leading... more
  Thursday, January 17, 2013 - Dubai Game Power 7, the pioneer of online Arabic gaming, clinched the award for “Best Localizat... more