Core Values

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The Seven values adopted by Game Power 7 reflect the belief in the principles that accompanied the company’s history during the past years. These principles are considered the company’s employees guide during their daily tasks and career decisions.
Commitment to the principles and honesty in all conditions is the main character of Game Power 7.

1-    Entertainment is a Need
Game Power 7 respects human needs for entertainment and considers it one of their essential rights. For this purpose, Game Power 7 aims to provide a joyful experience that suits all ages, interests and playing skills.

2-    Morals Come First

Morals are considered the compass indicator for Game Power 7. The company always commits to consolidate Arab culture values and principles.

3-  Quality is the Criterion

Game Power 7 follows the highest quality standards in customer care which has led to achieve a high degree of customer approval and satisfaction.

4-    Dynamics is a Must

Change is the only immutable thing in the world. Since its foundation, Game Power 7 has kept an eye on the market changes and development.

5-   Leadership along with Distinction

The leading position that Game Power 7 attained has been a motivation for more creativity and innovation. The company believes that the secret of uniqueness lays in providing unprecedented services that suit the privacy of Arab community

6-   Mental Exercise

Game Power 7 believes in online games as a good mental practice for gamers by stimulating their intellectual skills in connectivity, analysis, strategic planning and cooperation.

7-   Transparency is the foundation of Success

 We do consider that transparency and objectivity form the solid foundations in building a long-term cooperation with partners.