AraFiesta is a free-to-play anime MMORPG game, which is considered one of the best anime games ever. The game contains various elements and unique features, starting from the characters design to the ingenious options, which made it an interesting gaming experience!

Players will venture through Ezoria; a planet ruled by a beloved king whose success is envied by his enemies; causing them to destroy the balance he created by summoning powerful and dark monsters.

AraFiesta is the Arabic continuation of the English version “Fiesta online”. The game has been online for the past six years and still growing by the number of players every month, the game was published to the Arab youth after many localization processes by Game power 7.

The game contains five different classes each has its unique set of skills that allow players to be resilient fighters, expert archers, professional healers, powerful magicians or sneaky tricksters!

  • Arafiesta | We Won't Give Up
  • Arafiesta | Fantasy World
  • Arafiesta | Soon
  • Arafiesta | The first Moments
  • Arafiesta | New anime era

Players can use any feature in the game for free, friends can gather in their own resorts! Any player can build his own estate and furnish it with many available decorations! All the fun components of the game are available with only 1.8 GB download size!

Share the game with your friends and experience a whole new world of entertainment.