Adrenaline is a free FPS game with 3D technology, the story is about conflicts and nuclear wars which erupted between the worlds and resulted in the collapse of Earth and imposed a new life type; treaty of the north pole was the last hope to save what is left of the human race along with the scares resources left; however, a new conflict has found its way…

The game’s graphics and Arabic voice-over are astounding. The game requires quick reflexes, alertness and strategic tactics, and it has a large arsenal of traditional and advanced weapons.Unlike other game types, you only have to create a character to become a part of its large community and join battles regardless of your rank.




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10 different modes with 3 classes and Arab maps

Test your abilities and skills with more than 10 game modes and different missions, such as Death match mode, CTF mode, Invasion mode, Sniper mode and many others. You can switch between different classes “Assault, sniper, and Engineer” easily and experience each one’s play style. Up to 16 players can play at the same round.Thanks to the modern technology and advanced servers, Adrenaline enjoys very low ping.

Learn more about the advanced features of the game and share other Arab players the excitement within a variety of maps such as “Land of the Pharaohs”.