CEO Message

New Vision .. New Ambition

Nine years have passed since the beginning of our career in Arabic online games industry, in which Game Power 7 has gained a high status and an extraordinary record of achievements amid a fast-expanding market. We are working hard to maintain this position by keeping pace with various developments and having benefit from different experiences.

In March 2017, Game Power 7 is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I believe that now is the perfect time to take a brief pause, review our performance and measure our progress. That will help us to proceed towards a future that we have planned together with our clients and strategic partners.

After setting our career’s standards in online PC games, we are moving forward with our ambitious policy for a global expansion by joining mobile games market. This business is witnessing a significant growth and anticipated prosperity in the coming period, which inspired us to create new virtual worlds that suit our players’ culture and surpass their expectations.

Since its foundation, Game Power 7 has obtained a great experience due to the big challenges we have overcome. This expertise has contributed to developing our techniques and the way we service our customers. As a result, we reached a distinct pioneering position derived from the success of our games and the superiority of our services in Arab world.

The trust of our worldwide partners -developers and distributers- has motivated us to provide the highest standards, whereas the love and loyalty of our clients constituted the main factor behind Game Power 7 development. Hence, we are encouraged to think beyond publishing online games and start developing them.

If we went back in time, specifically 2007, we would stand in front of an unprecedented achievement, in which Game Power 7 published the first Arabic online game; Rappelz. It offered potential investment in a promising industry that made Game Power 7 focus on the market’s needs to provide its customers with a wide range of diverse options.

In Game Power 7, we have a set of core values that control our career and constitute the communication basis with our clients. This is what we have sought to highlight in our logo, as “7” stands for our seven values that organize the work of more than 100 employees, who perform their duties diligently and faithfully In order to adequately represent Arabs in global online communities.

We promised from the beginning to create virtual worlds that fit different players’ backgrounds.  Therefore, we start by meeting their needs, and then fulfill their wishes to ensure a content suitable to their tastes, and continue our mission to provide an experience full of fun and entertainment while preserving Arab values.

During our intensive meetings, we wanted to adopt a new and clear vision for the company, realizing that our ambition is limitless in the online gaming field. Therefore, we worked hard to sum up our aspiration towards the near future to be “pioneers in publishing and developing Arabic online games in the world”.

You are always welcome to join us and share our exciting adventure that is full of great opportunities and challenges.


Omar Al Shalak

CEO of Game Power 7